Indices of data quality

1 Tables showing the percentage of cases microscopically verified (MV%), and the percentage of cases registered from a death certificate only (DCO%), by sex, for the following cancer sites or groups:

  • All sites except non–melanoma skin cancer (C00–96/C44)
  • Digestive organs
    • Oesophagus (C15)
  • Respiratory and other intrathoracic organs
  • Melanoma of skin (C43)
  • Breast (C50)
  • Female genital organs
    • Cervix uteri (C53)
    • Corpus uteri (C54)
  • Male genital organs
  • Urinary organs
  • Brain, central nervous system, and thyroid
    • Brain, central nervous system (C70–72)
  • Lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue
Key to conventions and symbols used in the tables:
  • - (dash) = DCO not submitted
  • 0 = cases registered but not microscopically verified/reported on the basis of a death certificate only
* refers to notes concerning the data quality, which are available on the population page of the registry summary tables.

2 Table of the percentage of other and unspecified site (O&U) and unknown age (Unk), for both sexes combined.

All sites (C00-96)
Key to conventions and symbols used in the tables:
  • - (dash) = no cases of unknown age registered.
  • 0.0 = the percentage is greater than 0 but less than 0.05.