Before downloading the files, please note that they may be freely used but not for sale or for use in conjunction with commercial or promotional purposes, and provided any use shall be subject to appropriate reference and acknowledgment of the source.

Two databases are available for download:

  • CI5plus, summary (updated April 2019): contains the tabulated (no individual records) annual data used in this Internet application.
  • CI5plus, detailed (updated November 2018): contains a subset of the summary database, including incidence data for 122 selected populations from 106 cancer registries for which histological data were available for a minimum of 15 consecutive years (up to 2012). The cancer site dictionary contains 170 diagnostic units, which comprise cancer sites at the third digit level of the International Classification of Disease, 10th revision categories, and, for some 13 cancer sites, by histological subtype.

The data are recorded as text files in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format, and can be incorporated easily into statistical packages for further analysis.


Great care should be exercised when using the detailed databases of Vol. VII, VIII, IX and X, and when comparing incidence rates for histological subtypes of cancers.

The values for the specified histological types will be greatly influenced by the proportion of unspecified cases at a given site. One must also consider the proportion of cases with no microscopic verification, since the calculations of rates for histological subtype can only be done for microscopically verified cases.

Researchers are strongly recommended either to select datasets with few cases in the missing categories, or to make an appropriate adjustment before comparing rates.