Slovakia (2003-2007)
Male, age [0-85+]
CancerCasesCrude RateASR(W)Cumulative Rate
Lip (C00)2792.11.6-
Tongue (C01-02)7936.14.8-
Salivary glands (C07-08)1561.20.9-
Mouth (C03-06)8106.24.8-
Pharynx (C09-14)198715.211.9-
Oesophagus (C15)12549.67.6-
Stomach (C16)288022.016.8-
Small intestine (C17)1821.41.1-
Colon (C18)510339.029.9-
Rectum and anus (C19-21)451834.626.9-
Liver (C22)10528.06.4-
Gallbladder etc. (C23-24)6304.83.6-
Pancreas (C25)189614.511.2-
Nose sinuses etc. (C30-31)880.70.6-
Larynx (C32)141210.88.5-
Lung (incl. trachea and bronchus) (C33-34)945372.356.2-
Bone (C40-41)1711.31.2-
Melanoma of skin (C43)138210.68.3-
Other skin (C44)831963.648.6-
Connective tissue (C47+C49)3362.62.2-
Breast (C50)1120.90.7-
Penis (C60)1631.21.0-
Prostate (C61)666050.938.7-
Testis (C62)11618.97.5-
Kidney etc. (C64-66,C68)265020.316.0-
Bladder (C67)281021.516.3-
Eye (C69)1391.10.9-
Brain, central nervous system (C70-72)10217.86.7-
Thyroid (C73)2541.91.6-
Other endocrine (C74-75)570.40.4-
Hodgkin lymphoma (C81)3012.32.1-
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (C82-85,C96)11048.46.9-
Multiple myeloma (C88,C90)5624.33.2-
Leukaemia (C91-95)153911.810.2-
All sites (C00-96)63452485.3378.7-
All sites but skin (C00-96bC44)55133421.6330.1-
Lip, oral cavity and pharynx (C00-14)402530.824.1-
Large bowel (C18-21)962173.656.9-

Cancer Incidence in Five Continents Vol. 10
Crude and Age-Standardised Rate per 100,000
Cumulative Rate, percent

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