The data from Vol. XI are available through two databases. These two databases contain tabulated data (no individual records). The data are stored in the traditional form of number of cases by sex, five-year age group and cancer. They are recorded in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format and can be easily incorporated into statistical packages for further analysis. The layout of the data files together with the cancer and the population dictionaries are provided as text files.
Before downloading the files, please note that they may be freely used but not for sale or for use in conjunction with commercial or promotional purposes, and provided any use shall be subject to appropriate reference and acknowledgement of the source.
  1. The CI5-XI summary database contains the data used in the online analysis options of this Internet application (three-character ICD-10 sites).
  2. The CI5-XI detailed database contains the data used to produce the book. The standard three-character ICD-10 anatomical sites have been replaced by a set of 241 categories based on a combination of ICD-10 three-or four-character site codes and ICD-O-3 morphological groups (see Table by histological type menu option).