In the current CI5 Volume X web application (and as from March 2015), a small number of minor name changes have been applied to cancer registries in comparison with the original release of the application (in October 2013). This is to provide a standardised and consistent set of cancer registry names as used in both the CI5-X web application and printed publication. The cancer registries affected are as follows

Old name New name
Chile, Biobio Province Chile, Bío Bío Province
China, Nangang District, Harbin City China, Harbin City, Nangang District
India, Dindigul, Ambillikai India, Dindigul, Ambilikkai
Italy, Alto Adige Italy, South Tyrol
Italy, Biella Province Italy, Biella
Italy, Brescia Province Italy, Brescia
Italy, Ferrara Province Italy, Ferrara
Italy, Florence and Prato Provinces Italy, Florence and Prato
Italy, Genova Province Italy, Genoa
Italy, Lombardy, Como Province Italy, Como
Italy, Lombardy, Lecco Province Italy, Lecco
Italy, Lombardy, Mantova Province Italy, Mantua
Italy, Lombardy, Milan Italy, Milan
Italy, Lombardy, Varese Province Italy, Varese
Italy, Modena Province Italy, Modena
Italy, Palerme Italy, Palermo
Italy, Parma Province Italy, Parma
Italy, Ragusa Province Italy, Ragusa
Italy, Reggio Emilia Province Italy, Reggio Emilia
Italy, Romagna Region Italy, Romagna
Italy, Salerno Province Italy, Salerno
Italy, Sassari Province Italy, Sassari
Italy, South Lombardy Italy, Lombardy, South
Italy, Syracuse Province Italy, Syracuse
Italy, Torino Italy, Turin
Italy, Umbria Region Italy, Umbria
Italy, Veneto Region Italy, Veneto
Poland, Rzeszow Poland, Podkarpackie
Puerto Rico USA, Puerto Rico
Russia, St Petersburg Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

Section of Cancer Information, IARC, March 2015.