List of the cancer sites available in the CI5plus database and their corresponding International Classification of Disease (ICD, 10th revision) codes.
  1. Lip, oral cavity and pharynx (C00-14)
  2. Oesophagus (C15)
  3. Stomach (C16)
  4. Colon, rectum and anus (C18-21)
  5.   Colon (C18)
  6.   Rectum and anus (C19-21)
  7. Liver and intrahepatic bile ducts (C22)
  8. Gallbladder and extrahepatic ducts (C23-24)
  9. Pancreas (C25)
  10. Larynx (C32)
  11. Trachea, bronchus and lung (C33-34)
  12. Bone (C40-41)
  13. Melanoma of skin (C43)
  14. Breast1 (C50)
  15. Cervix uteri (C53)
  16. Corpus uteri (C54)
  17. Ovary and other uterine adnexa (C56, C57.0-4)
  18. Prostate (C61)
  19. Testis (C62)
  20. Kidney and other and unspecified urinary organs (C64-66, C68)
  21. Bladder (C67)
  22. Eye (C69)
  23. Brain, nervous system (C70-72)
  24. Thyroid (C73)
  25. Hodgkin lymphoma (C81)
  26. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma2 (C82-85, C96)
  27. Multiple myeloma (C88+C90)
  28. Leukaemia (C91-95)
  29. All cancers but non-melanoma skin2 (C00-96, but C44)
1 Female only
2 Includes HIV disease resulting in cancer (B21)